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We Are Still Standing.

Well a year ago we saw changes in our structure with old faces leaving and new faces joining our trustees were also changed in effect we had a complete turn around in our shed, as time has shown it was a positive move to see the changes that took place and it allowed our shed to expand and grow.

We brought in new faces as trustees, David Huntley (Vaz) became our chair, and we made a commitment to be fully open with each other, as we were well aware that this change of structure was a key Moment, in the life of the Moffat and District Mens Shed. And it has worked we set our sights on the principles of Mens Sheds, evaluated what we did well, and what we did not so well. Our members were brave enough to steer a new course for the shed, and develop a can do attitude.

Our first task was change the layout of our work shop to suit all of our membership, we then started to learn what we could make, we have undertaken many community tasks this year and have enjoyed the experience of working as a team and learning together.

We have been very lucky to receive grants from different organizations throughout the year which have allowed us to set up this web site and let us write the blog, Ash Scotland and our Community Council made this possible they trusted us to develop into the modern world, more will happen in our on line development in 2023.

Our new membership has seen an increase in our skill sets, the switch for switching on the Christmas lights was one of the high lights of our year, this was made and donated to Moffat Promotions from the Moffat and District Men's Shed.

Our Christmas fair table broke all records for sales in a single day and allowed the shed members to agree to donate £200 to Moffat community charities.

Our stall at the Eagle Festival introduce our shed Mascot "Copper" the Harris Hawk, to the community and visitors alike. the money generated on the day £300 was given to Moffat community charities by the Moffat and District Men's Shed members.

We have been asked by the Southern Upland Way to get involved in a signage project which we hope to start in the new year. We are building relationships with other organizations through our Shed Outreach Program, and we have formed the FOMMS ( Friends of Moffat Men's Shed) the FOMMS will have a vital role in our shed in 2023.

We are meeting on the 12th of January 2023 at the shed at 7pm to plan the year ahead, may we take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support they have and continue to give the Moffat and District Men's Shed.

Stay safe and well, Merry Christmas

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