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We are Shedder's

Its been a busy couple of weeks and in some ways very educational.

We are Shedder's is term we have been using quite a lot in the last few weeks as we meet the public first at the Coop as we tried to promote our position in the community fund, if your a Coop member you can vote for us on

We then attended Moffat School on Monday along with many other local charities to meet the local community and promote the Moffat and District Men's shed.

The other side of things in the shed is our reliance on the internet and social media, and being mostly technophobe's our efforts to understand our shed computer and how to operate it to our benefit. So if you know anybody who can give us a bit of tuition please get in touch, we would love to be more competent.

The Commission for the Keswick Museum has been started and is progressing well, and we got our picture into the local paper {Moffat News } sitting on Duff's bench which our shed recently refurbished as a community project.

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