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Red Hot At The Shed

The fantastic weather has allowed us to move our work outside into the sunshine. We have taken possession of "Duff" Bench from Moffat Civic Pride to refurbish the bench in its entirety. This has been a community operation the town hall trust dried the bench out in the town boiler room ( 20 years of dampness and weather)

The Moffat Rugby Club did the heavy lifting of the bench to and from our shed, the Town Hall Trust allowed the bench to dry, and the Moffat and District Men's are now refurbishing the bench.

This is the first time we have coordinated this type of activity amongst different charities in Moffat, as part of our drive to integrate into the community, so far so good . part of this exercise is also to try and fully use our membership, so we are now booking our members in advance to take on specific projects and tasks, our first attempt to pre book our shedders to assist in certain tasks has worked we now need to plan well in advance to make use of our membership.

We also entered the modern era by linking up with one of our departed members who provided his IT expertise to assist us with the setting up of the CNC machine ( Nice One Pete and Anton)

Tonight is our AGM we hope that we can bring on board Friends of Moffat Men's Shed as trustees through changes in the constitution to make our management team more inclusive so a lot going on and a new way managing our activities.

We have nearly completed the Southern upland way signage and we are now booked to produce more benches for this iconic walking route, which will start in the next few months.

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