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Moffat Mens Shed Update.

Its been a while since we updated the Blog, this what happens when you a shedder, we have holidays, grand children caring activities, appointment's, and illness so it very rare that there are no ripples in the Shed pond, where one week links to the next in a seamless way.

Southern Upland Way.

We have started our latest project building signage for the Southern Upland Way, 4 signs handed over already for installation on this Iconic walking route.

We have another 10 to make which will keep us busy for a couple of months.

Community Projects.

We have undertaken the refurbishment of Duff Bench which is normally located below the outdoor shop window.

This project will involve 4 Moffat Community charities , Civic Pride, Town Hall Trust, Moffat Rugby Club, and of course the Moffat and District Mens shed.

We have moved the bench to allow us to dry out many years of weather ingress, once dry the bench shall move back to our shed for a full refurbishment.

Other Projects.

We are still busy with many smaller works for individual here are some of our work undertaken:-

Repair to various bird feeders and tables.

Building boot racks.

Cutting wood to size for various people within community, "if you need wood cut to size get in touch".

Sanding doors ready for painting.

Repairing benches.


We are always looking for new members and new ideas, if you want to know more get in touch, our Saturday morning opening has gone well and we have plans afoot to develop more opening hours, to suit the better weather.

Bird Boxes.

With the bird breeding season nearly on us we are selling our Natural Bird Boxes, again please get in touch should you wish to order this unique Bird Box.

Old Books

We are going to put our collection of old books out for sale. in our shed this Saturday, we have paper backs and specialist books we will be open from 11am till 3pm.

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