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Moffat Mens Shed March 2023

It is a cold Saturday morning in the shed, I'm surrounded by projects done and projects about to start. We received a substantial grant from the NHS, which being used for dust extraction units in our workshop and a larger CNC machine exciting times as we start to install the extraction in the next few weeks and we ponder the best CNC machine for our needs.

As usual space is a premium in our shed so we need to have a clear out and then move things about for new activities, looks like we need to have a shed sale shortly some of the items going on sale

Industrial compressor 240 volts

Multi drawer metal tool chests

Modern folding chairs

Hand tools and spanners

We still have many books and DVD's in stock and for sale.

Our sign fabrication for the Southern Upland Way continues at a pace we are nearing the end of this project with only a few signs to complete.

Duff's Bench

The news on Duff bench is positive we have the bench at the town hall drying out and in the next month it will be moved to our shed to allow the bench to be refurbished ready to be reinstalled in its honored spot in the town center.

With luck and some assistance Duff bench with being used by locals and tourists alike in the summer months.

Its coming into bird box season so if you are on the look out for a natural bird box then come in and look at the selection we have in stock.

Remember you are all welcome to visit the set tea and coffee available.

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