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Buzzing at the shed.

The last few months have been busy in Moffat Men's Shed.

We managed to get Duff's bench refurbished to a high standard and it has been delivered back to it normal location next to the old cemetery gates.

This project involved Civic Pride, The Town Hall Trust, Moffat Rugby Club, and the Moffat and District Men's Shed.

Like most public benches around Moffat Duff's bench was waterlogged, and in need of some tender loving care.

After many months of drying out at the Town Hall the bench was transported to our shed where after many shifts we managed to bring it back to the bare wood, sand it and carry out minor repairs. The bench was solid and built to last no screws in its construction wooden dowels had been used to hold it together.

With the introduction of modern paint new life has been given to the bench and with luck and a bit care lets hope it last another 25 years.


We are part of the Coop community fund this year and we need your help by simply voting on for Moffat and District Men's Shed if you are a Coop member you can vote for us.

Keswick Museum.

We have picked up a commission from the Keswick Museum to build a piece of furniture linked to their electronic displays, work shall start on the project shortly.

Moffat Church

We are in the process of wood turning a quantity of wooden bowls from the old church pews removed from the church, the smell of old pine blocks being recycled into bowls in our workshop in simply fantastic.

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